Please note that due to the high demand, all orders will be delivered within THREE business days


As one of the fastest-growing I.T companies in Ghana, CompuGhana focuses primarily on the provision of all I.T related products, solutions, home appliances mobile and electronic gadgets. The company has a vigorous corporate team that is tasked to oversee all activities with regards to purchases and after-sales issues related to our corporate and governmental clients.

The corporate team can boast of the following:

Account Management
Our experience over the years has etched in our minds the need for continuous business relationship. We therefore ensure that our clients are managed by professionals who deliver value. This forms one of the remarkable chapters in the life of our business.

Reliable Delivery System
We provide an upscale and time-sensitive delivery system to our corporate clients in a faster, smarter and easier mode. Our legendary reliability provides companies with the results that are expected from your same-day courier.

Competitive Credit Facilities
As market leader in the industry, we can boast of competitive credit facilities which allows for flexibility with regards to payments. This we do to ensure that our clients are not pressured when dealing with us.

Special Discounts
Our top loyal customers enjoy the privilege of special discounts owing the number and value of business they have given us. This encourages and urges them on for long lasting business relationship.

The corporate team provides standard manufacturers warranties on products purchased and can be extended if need be.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
As part of maintaining good business relationships, we provide maintenance services to clients, this is based on request and requires the signing of an agreement.

CompuGhana organizes events such as client and partner engagement sessions. These events are to engage key clients on the recent trends in the tech space from our manufacturers and to elicit constructive feedback for manufacturers. These events are held quarterly. Information about upcoming events can be found on our websites and other social media platforms.

As a company, we thrive on our passion for technology, competent human resource and a wide variety of stock carefully chosen to bring delightful satisfaction to our clients. We believe in customer touchpoints are a vital part of the business relationship. In light of this we have virtual customer touchpoints and showrooms strategically positioned within three major regions; Greater Accra, Ashanti Region and Western Region.

Our astute professional team of technicians at our service centres ensure after-sales service is guaranteed. This is to ensure that the maximum value is delivered to our clients.


The debate over which IT vendor to deal with has been going on for a long time but a lot of recent evidence tips the scale in favor of CompuGhana. Over the past 11 years, CompuGhana has consistently maintained high standards by constantly meeting consumer needs and providing quality service. As a brand, our competitive edge is leveraged on our huge product stocks, partnership with leading manufacturers, responsiveness to customer needs, extensive after-sales support, committed and consistent marketing techniques (promotions, online sales etc.)

We strive to lead in the distribution and retailing of the industry’s advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics.

To be the most trusted partner in information technology products, services and solutions across the African Sub-Region.

As a brand persona, CompuGhana is a market leader in both corporate and retail sections of the I.T industry in Ghana. We, therefore, forge on with the leaders’ mentality engraved in our minds. Our values and persona reflect the history and legacy of CompuGhana which we desire to imprint on the minds of our customers;
Customer First

We are a company driven by a deep desire to reflect integrity in all our dealings. We can be relied on for our ethical business practices and tight commitment to honesty and fairness. You can count on us to be fair, true and sincere as your business partner.

Customer First
We are a customer-driven company. We put the customer ahead of everything else. We have an umbilical connection to our customer base. We strive to deliver solutions that empower our clients and provide them with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We are constantly improving ourselves to becoming better at serving our market. We are continuously improving our products, services, skills and attitude in order. We believe that yesterday’s success is not a bed for us to lay on, rather, it is a stepping stone for us to reach for higher heights. We do not get satisfied. We are always hungry for more and we outdo ourselves every day to ensure we are better today than we were yesterday.