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LG T9585NDHVH 9KG Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

LG T9585NDHVH 9KG Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine


Equipped with smart linear inverter compressor with energy grade ++ A
SpacePlus ice maker system
Equipped with Utility Box, Extra Space‌ and dehumidifier
With Fresh Zone and Freeze Zone
Moist Balance Crisper
Hygiene Fresh‌ air filter to prevent food mold
Fast freezing system and Total No Frost system
Has a shelf for holding sleeping bottles
Smart ThinQ Troubleshooting System

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 Product Description

The LG GC-X257CVVV white side refrigerator is another surprise of LG in 2020, which this time, in addition to its other Smart ThinQ smart appliances, has also set a record among its competitors in making smart refrigerators. The LG 3-door refrigerators that we know have a Door-in-Door round design with an Insta View door, which brings numerous benefits to the consumer. Do you want products with beautiful, modern and smart design!? Do you want your kitchen refrigerator to be spacious and unique?

LG X257 White Side Refrigerator LG has now reached its peak in designing its side-by-side products, especially the Instavio series. One of the newest models in this series is the GC-X257CVVV side-by-side refrigerator, which is a 3-door refrigerator, with 2 doors for the Door-in-Door refrigerator and 1 door for the freezer. The refrigerator compartments are designed separately and each part does its job well. This beautiful refrigerator has features such as: Multi Air Flow cooling system, Moist Balance Crisper system, FRESH Balancer technology, automatic ice maker and drain, Slim SpacePlusS ice maker system, compressor Inverter Linear Compressor, Smart ThinQ troubleshooting system, bottles for eggs and shelves and also has the exceptional capability of InstaView door

The LG X257 white side refrigerator is designed in a very stylish and modern white colour with 3 separate doors. The freezer compartment is located on the left side of the refrigerator and has 1 integrated door from bottom to top. The right part of the device with 2 doors is dedicated to the refrigerator part, which is in the Door-in-Door round mode. The freezer door is installed. It should also be noted that this refrigerator has a capacity of over 30 feet and has several floors and drawers in the refrigerator and shelves for bottles and eggs, which easily meets the needs of a large family. InstaView feature It allows you to know the contents and location of the refrigerator even without opening it. The function of this feature, which is located on the refrigerator door, is such that at first, it is in the form of a dark and off-screen, and with just two small taps on it, it becomes glass and light, and all the contents of the refrigerator are You are visible and you can easily and quickly access the materials you need. This feature prevents both the time and the continuous opening of the refrigerator door, resulting in less energy consumption

The white LG X257 side refrigerator has the LG Smart ThinQ feature, with which you can control your LG X257 refrigerator with a smartphone, even when you are not at home. You can easily set up the refrigerator, control the ice express and detect the status of your refrigerator with a simple touch on your smartphone. You can also troubleshoot your refrigerator so you no longer have to pay exorbitant fees for repair technicians. X257 refrigerator with No FROST capability and Multi Air Flow‌ technology is. Inside the LG refrigerator-freezer compartment, several channels have been installed at different angles, which are the place where cold air exits and blows, so that the food is cooled evenly in all directions and the always moist air is flowing. is. This refrigerator also has a Door Cooling system, which is a system for cooling the wall of the refrigerator door and the Door-in-Door door. Not to mention that this refrigerator has the ability to connect to city water



Refrigerator type: side by side

Number of doors:3 doors

Door design: Door-in-Door

Smart ThinQ feature: has it

Compressor type: Linear digital inverter

Energy consumption category: ++ A

Capacity:30 feet

Colour: White


Dimensions and Capacity

Refrigerator Capacity: 440 litres

Freezer Capacity: 440 litres

Total Capacity per litre: 668 litres

Height: 1790 mm

Depth: 738 mm

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