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Eco Mode: Yes
Various Cooking Mode: Yes
30 sec. Plus: Yes
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SAM MW MG23K3515
Product Description

Browning Plus
The Browning Plus function achieves the ideal texture and color for your food, so it looks and tastes delicious. It increases the cooking time by 30 seconds to brown and crisp food exquisitely with the grill heater.

Keep Warm
If you’re preparing lots of dishes, the Keep Warm function keeps everything at the proper temperature without over-cooking, using a grill heater. So it stays warm and tasty like freshly cooked food – ready to serve.

Quick Defrost
The Quick Defrost function defrosts food rapidly and evenly. It's automatic defrost algorithm calculates the correct defrosting time for 5 common food types, so it takes much less time to prepare ingredients.

The durable CERAMIC INSIDE™ is easy to keep clean and scratch-free. Its smooth surface can be cleaned without scrubbing and won’t discolor over time. It’s also highly rust and scratch-resistant, so it lasts longer.

ECO Mode
ECO Mode significantly reduces energy consumption with the industry†s lowest standby power. When you†re not cooking, the power used to maintain essential functions is minimal, saving you money on electricity bills.

The Deodorization setting forces air out of the interior cavity, so that any lingering odors are quickly dissipated. By eliminating the smell of each dish immediately your food will always taste fresh and delicious.

Product Type: Grill
Installation Type: Freestanding
Oven Capacity: 23L
Color(Door): Black
Color(Cabinet): Black
Control Method: Tact+Dial Door Type: Handle
Cavity Material: Ceramic Enamel
Turntable Size: 288 mm
Display Type: LED Grill Heater: Sheath heater

Power Source: 230V / 50Hz
Output Power (Microwave): 800 W
Power Consumption (Grill): 1100 W
Power Consumption (Microwave): 1250 W
Power Consumption (Max): 2300 W
Power Level: 6

Various Cooking Mode: Yes
Clock: Yes
30 sec. Plus: Yes
Eco Mode: Yes
Defrost (Auto / Power / Sensor): Quick
Sensor Cook: No
Steam Cook: No
Auto Steam Cook: No
Auto Programs: Yes
Auto Cook: Yes
Steam Clean: No
Turntable On/Off: No
Deodorization: Yes
Child Safety Lock: Yes
Kitchen Timer: No
Memory: No
Sound on/off: Yes
Language Option: No
Others: Keep Warm, Grill+30s

Wire Rack: Yes
Crusty Plate: No
Pro Steamer: No
Glass Steamer: No
Pure Steam Bowl: No
Power Steam Bowl: No
Plate Warming Bowl: No
Steam Clean Accessory: No
Built-in Kit (Trim Kits): No
Cook Book: No
Quick Guide Label: Yes
Others: No

Cavity (WxHxD): 330x211x324 mm
Outside (WxHxD): 489x275x392 mm

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